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Meet Your Fun Exptert/Creator

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    Welcome to this fun and free website designed with kids in mind. I created and began hosting this website as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project, specifically focusing on providing kids access to a fun, creative, and free resources. The idea for this project started when I was in elementary school.  I attended a math and technology program that encouraged us to find online resources for learning and fun. Sometimes, I found it difficult to get started finding these resources, and each year my parents encouraged me to stay busy learning and having fun especially in the summer and on long school vacation breaks.  I started by collecting and researching online resources in my community. I have shared some of those resources on the resources and ideas page. 

    Now that you have found my "Awesome, Boredom, Crushing, Done Easy & Fun website (also known as A.B.C.D. E& F),  I hope you will feel inspired and encouraged to keep going and find more fun from what I've shared.  I challenge You to work through the pages with a classmate, a parent, or other adult and make sure to collect the awards at each level.

     Once you complete the activities you can move on and then you can always come back and "anonymously" submit your work to be displayed on the website.  We update the website a few times a year and would love to share your work. You will need parent permission to submit your work for posting. All information is available on our Contact Us page and submissions can be viewed on our "Student Gallery" page.  

Remember... No matter what you MUST have Fun!




Assistant Director of Fun, Alexa R.

Hi! I'm Alexa R. the Assistant Director of Fun for A.B.C.D.E & F.  I enjoy reading fantasy novels and volunteering at local animal shelters. I love studying plants and am passionate about working on my gardening skills. 

Alexa recommends Ants on a Log for a delicious after school crunch! 


Ambassador, Kylie B.

Hi! I'm Kylie B. an ambassador for A.B.C.D.E & F. I love baking, animals, and taking care of the environment. I enjoy spending my freetime with my friends and family. 

Kylie recommends the Elephant Owl for a sweet nature filled treat!

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