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Brain Teaser

"Hidden Pictures"

Goal: Find hidden objects in the picture


1. Circle the objects once you find them

2. Color the picture when you are done!

3. Have FUN!

picture by, and

Dino Land_Picture.jpg
hidden pictures 1.jpg
hidden pictures 4.jpg
hidden pictures 3.jpg
Image by Jack Hamilton

Go Fish

Goal: Match cards with the same number 

(2-4 players)

Deal: Deal cards to each player (if only 2 players deal 7 cards each if 4 players deal 5 cards each)

Set-Up: Place the rest of the cards in a deck in the middle of the two players.


1. Each player secretly looks at their cards

2. The first player (usually the youngest) chooses another player to ask if they have any cards with the number they are looking for.

(for example: Friend do you have a "3". 

3. If I have the card asked for, in the example, if I have a "3" I must hand them to the person asking.  4. The person asking gets another turn. BUT, if I don't have the card asked for, THEN the player asked, says "GO FISH" and that player that just ask must take a new card from the Stack.

6. Now it is the next player's turn to ask for a card.

7. If any player collects "Four of A Kind," they set that stack of four down, draw four new cards and the game continues. 

8. Once all cards are gone from the stack the play continues until every player runs out of cards.

9. Have FUN!

* The Brain games require you to print the game page first.

** Card Games require a standard 52 card deck of cards.

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