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Resources for ALL

Online ACTIVITY Resources

Free Coloring Printables:        


Crayola Coloring: 

Learning Library:

Games & Puzzles with "Highlights Kids":


Create Your Own Word Scramble:  www.

Create Your Own Word Search:

Dot to Dot & Free Coloring: 

Los Angeles Area City& Community Resources 

Los Angeles Public Library:           

Los Angeles City Parks & Recreation:

Find Other Resources In Your Community 


(* Ask a parent to take you to check out the Youth Activity information posted in these community locations)

1) Public Library              4) School Office or Library             7) Community Centers                           10) Church Offices

2) Museum                       5) Grocery Stores                           8) Public Recreation Centers                 11)  YMCA

3) Parks                            6) Child Care Centers                    9) Youth Sports Facilities                        12) Boys& Girls Clubs

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