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Brain Teaser

3rd - Third Grade

Image by Jack Hamilton

Fun with Word Searches .....

Goal: Find the hidden words


1. Circle the words once you find them

2. Cross off the words as you go

3. Have FUN!

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word-search-3720958_Summer Fun.png

Multiplication Match 


Goal: Practice times tables and correctly match the pairs

(2-4 players)

Set-Up: One player will randomly shuffle the cards out all faced up, while the other players keep thier eyes closed.


1. With their eyes closed, each player will select 6 cards from the spread out cards. 

2. Then all players will open their eyes but keep their cards to themselves. 

3. Player will then have 30 seconds to create 3 seperate multiplication pairs out of their cards. (Ex. If I have a 6,3, 10,2, 7, 5. I could create 3 pairs of 6 x3 =18, 10 x 2 = 20, and 7 x 5 =35). 

4. Then all the players will go around and fae their pairs down one at a time while stating what their multiplied value comes out to. 

5. The other players will have the chance to chek each players math and be sure they are correct. 

TIP: The more you practice with this game, the more you can shorten the time the players get to make multiplied pairs. Maybe give them 15 instead of 30 seconds!

* The Brain games require you to print the game page first.

** Card Games require a standard 52 card deck of cards.

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