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2nd - Second Grade

Brain Teaser

Fun with Words

Objective: ​ Playing games using words.

Rhyming Words Worksheet: Read the word in the box out loud.  Then read each word in that row to find the words that Rhyme.  Circle the words that rhyme. The first one is done to show how to complete the rest.


Location Words Worksheet: Draw a line to connect up the word that describes where the person is standing in relation to the table in each picture.  The first one is done to show how to complete the others.

Answer Keys: Each activity has an answer key that can be found by clicking on the button below the picture that says "Answer Key."

Rhyming Words_.jpg
Location Words.jpg

* The Brain games require you to print the game page first.

** Card Games require a standard 52 card deck of cards.

Image by Jack Hamilton

Crazy 8s

Goal: Match Be the first To get rid of your cards 

(2 to 5 players - 1 deck of cards)

Deal: Remove the jokers from the deck. 

Deal 5 cards to each player or 7 cards if only 2 players


Place the Rest of the Deck in a pile between players and top card is turned over.


1. The player to the left of the dealer goes first. 

2. You can draw a card or discard a card

3. The card discarded must match the suit on the card facing up on the top of the pile. 

4. Eights are "wild."  

5. If you don't have a card that can be played you must draw a new card.

6. Now it is the next player's turn.

7. Keep taking turns trying to match suits in order to get rid of your cards. 

8. Once a player discards all their cards they win.  They do not need to use the entire pile they must just dispose of the cards in their hand.

9. Have FUN!

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