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3rd - Third Grade


1. Draw a nature scene.

2. Draw your favorite large animal.

3. Draw your favorite hat.


1. Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pages

2. History Coloring Pages

3Constellation Coloring Pages. 

        Learn about Constellations here.


1.  Sponge Painting: cut up a sponge (ask an adult for help). Try experimenting with the new texture of the sponge and paint!

2.  Yarn/String Painting: cut up a piece of yarn/string (ask an adult for help). Dip the string in paint and create new designs as you drag it across the canvas. 

3.  Salt Painting: Take liquid glue and cover a piece of cardstock in glue designs. Then sprinkle table salt to completely cover the glue and shake off the excess. Dip a brush into water color paint and trace along the salt lines. Watch the color magically spread in multiple directions!

* Try painting one of the items you drew in the green box. Try all three techniques.

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