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1st - First Grade

Brain Teaser

Goal: Connect the dots


1. Circle the objects once you find them

2. Color the picture when you are done!

3. Have FUN!

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Tending the Farm

Tending the Animals.jpg

The unexpected visitor

The unexpected beach visitor.jpg

View from the bean stalk

View from a Magical bean stalk.jpg

Going on an adventure

Printable Connect the dots Duck.jpg
Image by Jack Hamilton


Goal: Collect all cards from the deck

(2-4 players)

Deal: Give out all cards evenly. Make sure all of the cards stay face down (no numbers showing)


1. Player to the left of the dealer takes the first turn by flipping the card on top of their stack next to their other cards. 

2. The next player repeats this step and it continues on to the other players.

3. If a player happens to flip over a card that matches another person's flipped over card, they can call "Snap!". 

4. Whatever player calls "Snap!" on the cards first gets to take both of the pairs and adds them to the bottom of their deck. 

5. If two players call "Snap!" at the same time the pair of cards up for grabs will go into the middle of the game to make the "Snap-Pot". 

6. If the top card from the "Snap- Pot" matches with any other cards that another player flips up, they can receive all of the cards from the "Snap-Pot." 

7. Players continue to flip up a card per turn until they run out of cards. When they run out, the have the chance to call a "Snap!" to get back in the game. However, if they cannot get the next "Snap!, they are out of the game. 

8. The first player who can collect all of the cards wins. 

* The Brain games require you to print the game page first.

** Card Games require a standard 52 card deck of cards.

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