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Certificates by Grade

Certificate Instructions:

1) Once you finish at least three activities in a grade-level category, you can download and print one of the certificates* for your grade level.                 

(2) When you complete ALL of the activities in each category, you can download and Print the EXPERT certificate* for your grade level.


(3) If you achieve EXPERT ALL Levels, download and print the ALL Expert Level certificate*, and then if you have parent permission, send an email to the ABCDE&F "contact us" page to share your feedback about the website.  We love to hear about new ideas and ways to add to the fun!

*All certificates are in Word.  You can type in your name before printing or print and write in your name.  Either way is excellent!  Do not forget to grab a certificate for all the fun you complete!



First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


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